Insect-Cleaner Plastic

Insect-Cleaner Plastic

Between two foam plastic sponges there is a slotted fly sponge,which lies upon the windscreen with its whole surface when you press it down slightly. The result is a big surface which removes well any kind of dirt.

Product information


Insect-Cleaner Plastic


65000 – round plastic handle, length of stick 150 mm
65010 – metal stick and plastic handle, 200 mm
65020 – metal stick and plastic handle, 250 mm
65030 – metal stick and plastic handle, 300 mm

spare insect sponge, yellow
90036 – 110 x 70 x 40 mm

Packing unit:

25 pieces

  • dimension: 110 x 70 mm
  • made of plastic
  • rubber strip
  • with changeable insect sponge
  • in various stick lengths